Piper Man EP Available For Download:

We are very proud to announce our new EP release called "Piper Man". We have all put a lot of hard work into the writing and recording process for this record and are very pleased with the end result. We hope you really enjoy listening to it and please let us know your feedback because it is greatly appreciated.

You can download it from all major sites such as iTunes and Amazon - links can be found below.

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Piper Man EP

Track Listing:

1. Piper Man
2. Alive
3. Home
4. Disguise
5. Waterfall


Hailing from Birmingham, The New Ages set out to deliver their own take on alternative rock, locating a great compromise between melody and energy. Their brand new EP “Piper Man” is heavily inspired by bands such as influential Californian act Red Hot Chili Peppers, but this doesn’t mean that the band fails to deliver music with a personal approach. The 5 songs included in the EP showcase indeed a very eclectic attitude, with each song blinking an eye to a different music genre and keeping the sound fresh and dynamic.

Title track Piper Man begins with a nice contrast between the ska-like rhythm guitar of the verses and the hot, over-driven choruses, while follow up “Alive” brings 70s disco bass lines together with crunchy rock guitar licks. This track showcases how well cohesive the rhythm section is, steady and dynamic throughout the track.

“Home” brings in a little funk and indie rock, almost as if Flea and co. found themselves in a room jamming with Arctic Monkeys.

“Disguise” is perhaps one of the most interesting tracks of the lot, opening with an infectious bass riff that truly drives the song, brilliantly inter-played by the guitar lines and vocals.

Closing number “Waterfall” is the track with the most retro flavor to it, close in its sound to bands such as Dire straits, with the chunky guitar riffing.

This band has only been around since 2013, but this record is a great proof of their chemistry. I can only imagine that these guys could even sound better in a live setting!

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