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We are an alternative funk rock band based in Birmingham. Here you can find everything you need such as News, Gig Listings and Photos. Plus you can listen to our tracks in the "Media" section of the website!
25thOct 14
New Review!

Our two tracks 'The Forest' and 'Destruction Holds The Key' have been reviewed by Jer @ Sleeping Bag Studios. You can read the review below or check it out over at Sleeping Bag Studios.

Awesome! Always love to see great musicians still out there making great music! Here we are, with The New Ages gracing our pages once again – it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from them with our last review for their EP Piper Man taking place at nearly this time last year; but still – that’s hardly a complaint. New music from this hardworking band from Birmingham, UK on a yearly basis could certainly only be considered a gift to the ears!

Throughout its subtle beginning, “The Forest,” contains that rhythm and pulse of a single-worthy track right from the moment it starts. This song, through and through, sounds like a complete hit; a simple but perfected vocal flow with an all-out chorus and truly ripping beat connect this track together seamlessly. The frantic, scattered vocals from their vocalist Ant come out perfectly with this track and really capture the intensity through both the lyrics and the delivery. Drums, bass, guitars; The New Ages are all completely at the top of their game in what is clearly a hit-song ready to roll out to the masses.

“Destruction Holds The Key,” made me check that review we had done a year ago on The New Ages. Did I hear all these elements of Rush, hints & notes of Placebo before? Yes. Yes I did. But here’s one that I didn’t that will serve as a great comparison for our Canadian readers out there…The Watchmen. Anyone that knows, remembers & loves their brilliant lo-fi debut called McLaren Furnace Room – The New Ages are certainly designed for your ears as well. It’s the incredible focus in this band that leads these four to victory every time they push record. You can tell from the sheer quality of these songs and their last EP that they clearly don’t release’em until they’re 100% perfect and ready to rock. “Destruction Holds The Key,” is another incredible ripping & thrashing beat from The New Ages with an anthem style chorus that will really ignite the crowd from a live stage.

It’s also clear, The New Ages aren’t going ANYWHERE; if anything they only get tighter & tighter as a unit as they continue to rock over time. We can only hope there’s a full album planned in this next year to come; these two singles are a complete indication that The New Ages are blazing the right trail with their gritty, melodic & inventive rock.

But even if there’s not an album coming…which all of my instincts tell me to seriously doubt…you better believe I’ll be looking forward to this same time around next year when The New Ages are bound to turn up again! But trust my gut – you always have you fine music-fans you…I’d put all my chips on a bet that we’ll hear more from this electrifying UK band a lot sooner than another year from now. With all the energy in their music – there’s no way The New Ages can stay contained for long!

29thJuly 14
The Countdown Begins!

So I guess you’ve been wondering where we’ve been recently and why it's been so long for an update.. Well we can confirm that we have not decided to hang up our instruments just yet, but have been very busy writing some new material which we are very excited about. It’s a slightly more chilled out sound without losing the rock feel that we all love.

In around 2 weeks time we hope these songs will be ready to play live so we can get back out there and play some gigs. The last gig we played was actually in the French Alps courtesy of Ludo and we had a fantastic time and a fantastic reception. What has been incredible is the way our fans have been asking for new gigs to be listed – we really appreciate the support.

We can’t wait to play these new tracks live and for you to hear them – the countdown begins!

23rdJan 14
Listen Up Manchester - Piper Man EP Review!

A big thanks goes out to 'Listen Up Manchester' who this week have reviewed our debut EP 'Piper Man' for their website. If you have time please check it out, you can see a snippet from the review below. Happy reading!

Despite having only been a fully-realised band since the formative days of last year, Birmingham-based alt-funk outfit The New Ages have been slowly gathering momentum over the course of the last twelve months, culminating in the release of their debut EP Piper Man which earned them such praise as “ if Flea and co. found themselves in a room jamming with Arctic Monkeys”. Not bad going for a band who, at the time, had been together less than a year.... Read more!
An Early Christmas Present - New Songs!

2013 has been a very busy but thoroughly enjoyable year for us, we have a lot of great memories to take away from it. We have played lots of gigs around the UK from London to Manchester and recorded some of our favourite songs in the studio. Only 2 weeks ago we recorded a couple of new tracks called ‘Destruction Holds The Key’ and ‘The Forest’ which we are very excited about for you to hear. Head on over to the ‘Media’ section and check them out!

I guess it just leaves us to say have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I suppose we should have written a Christmas song but I guess we’ll leave that to ‘The Killers’ for another year. Our final thoughts are that we are now looking forward to 2014 and are excited to see what the next chapter has in store for us.
The New Ages - Oxjam Manchester & More

Where does the time go? Only seems a couple of weeks ago since I wrote our last update but it’s been nearly 2 months – time for another!

It had been a while since our last live gig but last weekend we were straight back to it and played The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham which was a great night! The venue was full with a great atmosphere and the music seemed to go down very well, a big thanks to Chris Johnson Presents for putting on the show and for everybody who turned up to watch.

This weekend we are heading up north to play the Manchester Oxjam Festival Takeover which should be an awesome weekend! We have got gigs booked in for Saturday at The Bay Horse and Sunday at The Night & Day Café. We played a warm up gig for Oxjam earlier in the year which was fantastic so we can’t wait to play this weekend. We are also currently in the process of writing some new tracks so very excited to showcase them to you very soon!

The New Ages
The New Ages Live - Proud Camden - 15/08/13

Tomorrow night we are playing at Proud Camden with Anna Prior from the Mercury Prize Nominated band Metronomy who will be DJ'ing on the night. It should be a great night so come and enjoy it with us!

The New Ages
Gigs & New Tracks

It’s been an eventful July with us playing a lot of gigs around our local area and we have enjoyed every minute. We now move into August and it’s an exciting month we have ahead! This weekend will be the busiest we have been since we started back in January. First up we will be playing at Walkers Heath Park Festival in Birmingham in the late afternoon on Saturday and once we finish our set we will be straight onto the motorway to play our evening gig in Manchester. Plus on Sunday we will be playing the Sunday Series for Oxjam Manchester in the afternoon. Another gig we have planned is at Proud Camden on the 15th August where will be supporting a DJ set by Anna from the band Metronomy – we are all very excited about this one!

We have also completed a new track called “The Forest” which we are enjoying a lot at the moment. So if you enjoy our music keep an eye out on our gig listings and hopefully see you at a gig soon!
The New Ages - June Update

June is now coming to a close and what a June it has been! We have played lots of gigs and started work on new songs including one which has already made it onto the set-list. A quick couple of mentions for Ryan’s Bar in Derby and BrewDog in Birmingham. These were great venues and we really enjoyed playing both of them. If you are in Birmingham and a fan of beer then paying a visit to BrewDog is a must! We have lined up a few more gigs later in the year including a return to Proud Camden in London, Subside and The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. Also very soon we are hopeful to secure a gig in Manchester a place where we would really like to play – so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

A few of us have got holidays planned over the next couple of weeks so gives us time to have a rest and prepare for more hard work into July. Finally if you do enjoy our music please share our website and social media sites with your friends and family to spread the word about our music.
New EP Released Today!

We are very excited to announce that as of today our debut EP is released, it is called Piper Man! It features 5 tracks that we have been busy recording and writing – for more information please click here. If you do enjoy our music please download it and let us know what you think!

It's now time to start working on new tracks and start putting together another EP – or maybe even a full album...
London Calling!

We are currently on the train to London for our first ever gig in England’s capital. We are playing at a venue called “Proud Camden” a place which seems to love live music and has bands playing all weekend long. Our set is at 18:20 and we can’t wait – but it’s time for a bit of sightseeing first!

It has been a very busy June, we have been playing all over the place but we don’t mind because we love playing live! At the start of the month we visited Worcester’s Marrs Bar, Birmingham’s Roadhouse and Flapper – all gigs went down great and we will hopefully going back soon! The end of the month will see us go to Derby and also continue the playing of our hometown Birmingham at a fantastic new craft beer bar called BrewDog.

Finally onto our most exciting news because as of today our debut EP is released, it is called Piper Man! It features 5 tracks that we have been busy recording and writing – for more information please click here. If you do enjoy our music please download it and let us know what you think!

It's now time to start working on new tracks and start putting together another EP – or maybe even a full album...
3 New Tracks Plus A Busy June!

We have now uploaded 3 new tracks for you to have a listen to – check out the media section of the website to hear them! The final mixing was completed yesterday and we are all very pleased with the end results. We will also be releasing a 5 track EP very soon and the artwork is currently being worked on.

The beginning of June starts to bring some warmer weather to the UK along with a very busy calendar for us! We will be playing gigs in Birmingham and London along with open mic nights in Worcester and Derby. If you would like to see us play please check out our gig listings and feel free to come along! Hope to see you all soon!
Recording @ The Lodge! - Northampton!

It has been a busy bank holiday weekend for us as we stepped into the studio for 2 days and recorded 3 new tracks. It was a great fun with a lot of laughs along the way! We arrived at The Lodge Recording studio early on Saturday morning and started setting up – first impressions of the place were great with an impressive live recording room and vintage mixing desk. We got all the recording finished by the end of the day ready for it to be mixed the following day. The bonus was we had enough time to record a one take live recording of another of our tracks ‘Motionless Picture’ which turned out well. We stopped overnight at the accommodation provided and went out for a ‘couple of beers’ on the night, we finally got back to the room at 4am!

We were up early Sunday morning to get started on the mixing. We made good progress and got rough mixes of the songs completed early evening. We will hopefully be completing the final mixes by the end of this week and we will then be able to upload the tracks for you to hear. A big thanks goes out to Jason Ducker and Max Read for their work on the tracks which are sounding great at the moment. Don’t forget to check back for more updates!
London! - New Tracks! - The Flapper!

This month we have been offered a slot to play at ‘Proud Camden’ in London on the 15th June 2013! This is a very exciting opportunity for us as it will be our first gig in London as a band. We hope to be playing more gigs around the country in different locations and spread the word. In other news we have been working on some new tracks and we hope to have 3 new tracks written and ready for you to hear very soon! Finally don’t forget that this Sunday night we will be playing at The Flapper in Birmingham, hope to see you there!
Recording, EP and More!

In just over 2 weeks’ time we will be heading off to Northampton to record three tracks at The Lodge Recording Studios. We will then be putting together a short EP which is really exciting for us; it will incorporate these new tracks plus the live tracks we recorded last month. The songs we will be recording are Home, Piper Man and Waterfall! Artwork for the EP is currently being worked on in France and we cannot wait to see the finished design. We will keep you up to date with all the latest info regarding this recording.

In other news we were back at The Roadhouse last Thursday playing a full set of tracks following on from last week’s open mic night. We had a great time playing our set and we all very much enjoyed watching the ‘Dirty Old Folkers’ who were the headline act for the night. On Saturday we played our gig at the O2 Academy 2, again thanks to everyone who came to watch we always much appreciate it. We played this gig without drums which still seemed to go down well and the audience helped us out a lot by clapping along to the songs! Don't forget to check out our gig listings to see when we will be playing live next.
Busy Times Ahead!

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up to watch us play at the O2 Academy 3 on Friday. Last week was a very busy week for us in regards to gigs! We started off at the Roadhouse to play their open mic night, this went well and it ultimately ended with us securing another gig with them the following week. Thursday we played a local bar in Birmingham called Hennessey's where we received a great reception. Finally on Friday we played at the O2 Academy 3 which was fantastic, we all had a lot of fun playing on stage and everyone seemed to enjoy our set.

Now it’s time for us to focus on this week which starts tomorrow with band rehearsal! This Thursday we are back at The Roadhouse to play a full set, we are really looking forward to it because it’s a great live venue. On Saturday we will be playing the O2 Academy 2, Birmingham as part of JAR Music Live Presents - Ones To Watch. We are very excited about this gig as it will be the biggest venue we have played together! Looks like we have got busy times ahead but not forgetting a lot of fun along the way… Can’t Wait!
Live Recording – Day 2

The second day in the recording studio was a case of mixing and mastering the tracks. This is where we can give our input on the different sound levels on each of the instruments and vocals etc. We feel that the tracks have come out really well and have captured the sort of sound we were all looking for. A massive thanks goes out to Dan Willett at Univibe audio who recorded the tracks – you can check out his personal website here. So there is nothing else to say except check out the tracks and let us know what you think! You can have a listen to them on our media page or directly on Soundcloud. We really hope you enjoy listening to the The New Ages and we can’t wait to get back into the studio to record more!

The New Ages Recording The New Ages Recording
Live Recording – Day 1

The day finally arrived where we could get into the recording studio and record a couple of live tracks! After long discussions we eventually all agreed on recording the tracks “Alive” and “Disguise” as they have got a distinguished live feel to them. We arrived at Univibe Audio at 18:00 and it took a while to mic up the drums, guitar and bass etc. Even though we were recording the tracks live we got the backing tracks down a lot quicker than we thought which surprised us all. We finished the night by laying down the vocals and finishing up around 23:30. This leads us up to tonight where we will be doing the mixing and mastering before the final tracks are completed. Hopefully all going well the tracks will be up on the website for you to listen to tomorrow!

The New Ages Recording The New Ages Recording
New Look Website

So our website has undergone some work with a new look and banner, thanks again to Matt Thompson who designed the logo and banner. If you would like any design work done check out his website Matthew Thompson Design and get in touch. Also this Sunday we will be stepping into the recording studio to record a couple tracks. You will be able to hear them very soon. The biggest challenge we are having at the moment is deciding on which tracks to record! Don't forget we have a few gigs near the end of April so if you are around come and see us play live!
The New Ages Recording

We have finally booked some needed time in the recording studio. First up in April we will be visiting Univibe Audio in Birmingham where we will be recording two live tracks. In May we will be paying a visit to The Lodge Recording Studio in Northampton where we will be recording three tracks, these will be produced and mixed at a high standard. We can’t wait for you to hear the tracks and look forward to hearing your response to them.
The New Ages First Gig

Well we finally played our first gig at the Actress and Bishop and it was a really great night. Thank you to everyone who turned up to watch us it is really appreciated. On Thursday we found out that the headline band had cancelled due to illness. This meant that we had a lot more time than we thought as our initial set was only supposed to be 30 minutes! We played 10 tracks, 9 originals and 1 cover; I’m not sure how long the set lasted. At the end of the night we received lots of good feedback which is great to hear. I will be uploading some of the night’s photos to the gallery page soon. Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
The Actress and Bishop

It is now under a week until we play our first live gig at the Actress and Bishop in Birmingham this Friday! We are all really looking forward to it especially Ludo as it will be his first ever gig in England since his move from France! We have got a 30 minute set so we are going to try and cram in as many songs as we possible can! After a few months hard work rehearsing we hope it will have all paid off and everyone enjoys our set. So we look forward to seeing you there and hope you really enjoy the gig!
The New Ages Quick Update...

The New Ages have now got some gigs planned for later in the year at "The Actress and Bishop" and the "O2 Academy 3" in Birmingham. We are all really looking forward to playing the tracks live! Full gig listings can be found on the website. We are also going to be visiting the recording studio very soon to get some new demos sorted out. We will keep this blog updated with all the recent band news.
Twitter & Facebook

The New Ages are now on Twitter & Facebook, so please like and follow us by clicking on the links below:

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The New Ages

We are "The New Ages" an alternate/funk/rock band from Birmingham and our new website is finally up and running, it's about time too. We welcome Ludo all the way from France in on bass guitar and Ben on the drums. We have a lot of tracks wrote already and are always writing new ones as time goes by. We are hoping to be ready to play lots of gigs from around March time, we will update the website as soon as we have some dates set. We are currently working on perfecting our tracks to make sure they are the best quality possible. You can listen to a few of our demos on the right hand side of the website. That's about it for now, hope to see you at our next gig in and around Birmingham soon!